Gas Meter Siting Information

Information on siting a gas meter as part of the customer sign up process

Phoenix Natural Gas are increasingly providing new customers connecting to the natural gas network with the option of receiving a Gas Connection Application Pack that includes full guidance notes enabling a customer to complete an application without the need for a visit from a Phoenix Natural Gas representative.

One area where customers may require assistance from their Phoenix registered installation company is in the siting of a gas meter. In this section of the website we have provided a number of documents that offer guidance information on the siting of gas meters to enable PNG registered installation companies to assist their customers.

Phoenix also hold regular training sessions on the siting of a gas meter which we would be pleased for you to join.

Domestic Technical Guide
This booklet is a useful aid to anyone who has limited experience on siting a gas meter. It offers useful background information on the work involved in bringing a gas service to a domestic property. Information including the use of a pneumatic mole and its limitations, an explanation of the distance that a gas service must maintain when running parallel with a property and other proximity requirements.

      Meter Box Types 
This advice note presents the options that a domestic customer will have when choosing a meter box to house their gas meter. This included pictures of each box and a summary of the typical situations where each box is most useful.

      Customer Brochure Advice Notes
This document is a full extract from the PNG Customer Brochure that offers a summary of the key considerations when siting a gas meter. Offering a clear explanation of proximity issues and locations where a gas meter can/can’t typically be sited this will be a useful aid for installation companies who regularly assist customers site a meter)

      Gas Connection Application Sample
A Gas Connection Application (GCA) is a reasonably straight forward document to complete however it is important that all sections are completed. This sample copy of the GCA should offer a useful reference for installers assisting a customer complete a new application)