Leaflet Drop

Top tips for making sure you get the most out of your leaflet drops.

Leaflet Drop - Top Tips For Success

It is now well recognised that leaflet drops can be one of the most
effective ways to promote your business or deliver specific message to

In February 2010 the British Marketing Survey found that leaflets and flyers
through the door received the highest response of all advertising channels,
including newspapers, televisions and e-mail.

However careful consideration needs to be given to the design,
distribution and timing of your leaflet to offer it the very best opportunity
of making an impact.

Design Tips

1. Visual Impact – Where possible select
good quality images that interest, excite and create a strong impact

2. Less is more – Don’t tell the homeowner
your companies life story – they really are not interested. Keep your
message clear and concise designed for a quick read

3. Promote your website – if you have a website
direct traffic to it. This way the person can get additional information
on your company and also get reassurance from them that you are a credible

4. Have a strong 'Call to
Action' – this is ultimately the message that will encourage
readers to make or not make contact with your company. It may be offer
based with a clear end date.

5. Consider 'Piggy
Backing' a strong message that is already being used within the
industry such as the Phoenix Natural Gas Campaign. You will find that if
other leading companies are promoting the same type of message to you –
there will be more recognition of your leaflet and it is much more likely
to have impact

Distribution Tips

1. Be Consistent – Leaflets are a great way
to build brand recognition over a period of time. You won’t always get
success from your first leaflet drop but if carried out regularly you will
find it will help generate a regular stream of enquiries

2. Do It Yourself - Shared door to door
leaflet distribution is a false economy, as the campaign impact is reduced
by a multiple of how many other pieces of print are received by the
potential customer at the same time – Ideally you carry out your own
leaflet drop. It takes no longer than three hours to deliver over 1000

3. Target Your Customer – Another benefit of you
carrying out the leaflet drop is that you can minimise wastage by only
targeting those streets that have natural gas available and those houses
that don’t currently have a gas meter box installed.

4. Timing – Your results could see
improved results if you leaflet drop at a time that homeowners are in
their properties and more likely to have time to read your message instead
of picking it up with the daily bundle of post.

Finally ….

Always monitor which of your designs or distribution methods is the most
effective. Analyse what is working on the leaflet and what isn`t, it will help
you immensely on future designs you might make.

If interested in leaflets don’t forget to have a look at some of the templates that we have
provided for Phoenix Registered Installation Companies in the past with an
opportunity to order a quantity for your business.