Top benefits of natural gas

Natural gas has many benefits. This section highlights some of the key benefits to use when promoting natural gas to customers.

  • It's convenient

With natural gas, you'll never need to worry about re-ordering or running out of fuel ever again. The constant supply also means you can ditch the bulky oil tank and transform your garden with a lovely patio or decking area.


  • It's Instant

Instant cosy heat and a constant supply of hot water means there's no need to worry about an expensive immersion heater or running out.


  • It's efficient

A brand new A-rated natural gas boiler is over 90% efficient compared to around only 60% for your existing boiler if it’s around 15 years old. 


  • It's versatile

Natural gas is one of the most versatile fuels available and opens up a world of opportunity in your home. It's great for cooking, real flame fires, tumble drying and barbeques.


  • It's kinder to the environment

By switching to natural gas you could cut your home's cantral heating carbon footprint in half, so you'll also be doing your bit for the environment.

  • Our customers love it

Once you've made the switch to natural gas you'll never look back. Over 90% of customers say they experienced the benefits of natural gas immediately and would recommend natural gas to their friends and family.


  • Range of payment methods

With natural gas there's no need for lump sum payments, you can either decide to pay quarterly or you might prefer to pay monthly by Direct Debit. You can also choose a Pay As You Go meter which allows you to monitor how much gas you're using.